SLAYER Captor Of Sin

Lyrics from musicbucket SLAYER Captor Of Sin Lyrics, singer by SLAYER


Harlots of Hell spread your wings
As I penetrate your soul
Feel the fire shoot through your body
As I slip into your throne
Cast aside, do as you will
I care not how you plead
Satan’s child now stalks the earth
Born from my demon seed

Hot winds of Hell
Burns, in my wake
Death is what you pray,
Behold, captor of sin

Infernal slaves of manipulation
Captive of my vice
Abandon God, the helpless one
To relieve you of your plight
Subversive action will not help
It will strengthen me
I see decline in your every move
Death your final plea

Hot winds of Hell
Burns, in my wake
Death is what you pray,
Behold, captor of sin

Your skin turns to leather
I ignite your timid blood
You feel my lethal touch
As I grasp your weary soul
I’ll take you down into the fire




Lyrics from musicbucket MAC MILLER Labido Lyrics, singer by MAC MILLER

[Verse 1:]
I’m a mother fucking God, I swear
Everybody gonna die soon, I’ll meet you guys there
Somewhere in the after life imagine about a livin’
All my brothers sinnin’ I just pray they all forgiven
But, as for me I’ll take my thoughts… and stride
I got way too much pride to be along just for the ride
I’m way too high to go to Hell, I’ll be somewhere inbetweener
Look beyond horizons where the grass is always greener
Get lunch at the strip club, bitch be complaining
Always saying I don’t tip enough
I already blew my son’s college fund down at the casino
Betting on Pittino’s boys, I lost by a freethrow
Hella weed smoke, me and my amigos
Stacking c-notes, praying like Tim Tebow
I’m a has-been, word to Uncle Rico
Keep on smashing these freak hoes, high off labido

[Verse 2:]
I couldn’t kill myself if I tried
Suicide doors on my ride, coming down the 105, backwards
Wonder if Heaven got a passsword
Playing Sega Saturn, I ball like Jamal Mashburn
Still be fasting on the holidays
Nut inside a bitche’s mouth, tell her that it’s holiday’s… sauce
Star of David and the cross, garage door close
Trying to inhale exhaust
Exhausted, better call the cops quick
Cause I’m by myself going crazy in a moshpit
Left hook, right hook, uppercut
God and the Devil playing double-dutch


SLAYER Chemical Warfare

Lyrics from musicbucket SLAYER Chemical Warfare Lyrics, singer by SLAYER


Frantic minds are terrified
Life lies in a grave
Silent death rides high above
On the wings of revelation
Multi death from chemicals
Arrogance has won
Annihilation must be swift
Destroy without destruction

Gods on the throne must be watching from hell
Awaiting the mass genocide
Soldiers defeated by death from a smell
Bodies lie dormant no life
Rising new souls on the lands where they fell
Demons not ready to die
Nothing to see where the sleeping souls lie

Chemical warfare

Artificial fucking peace
Line up in a death row
Generals in their slow defeat
Diminished from this hell
Banished from the dying world
The lords of hell await
Dogs of war are helpless prey
To immortality

Gods on the throne must be watching from hell
Awaiting the mass genocide
Soldiers defeated by death from a smell
Bodies lie dormant no life
Rising new souls on the lands where they fell
Demons not ready to die
Nothing to see where the sleeping souls lie

Chemical warfare!!!

Fuck it up!

The torture kills the troops that try to fight
Human pesticide bring days of doom
Mist falls
The deadly gas that brings them to their knees
Steal the soul and send his corpse to hell


Mummified regions lying in dust
Fall victim to this game
Petrified corpses bathing in rust
Taken without being blamed
Falsified spirits farther they fall
Soon they will join us in hell
See the sky burning the gates are ablaze
Satan awaits eager to merge

Gods on the throne must be watching from hell
Awaiting the mass genocide
Soldiers defeated by death from a smell
Bodies lie dormant no life
Rising new souls on the lands where they fell
Demons not ready to die
Nothing to see where the sleeping souls lie

Chemical warfare




Lyrics from musicbucket MAC MILLER Dr. Thomas Lyrics, singer by MAC MILLER

To be honest, I’m a walking contradiction
I balance family time with drug addiction
To summarize, when the sun dies evil comes alive
Mother Mary twerk well, watch her work those thunder thighs
Falling from the sky, sick of all these fucking lies
Do without the morals man, smiles such a dumb disguise
Otherwise we’ll worry about your murder at another time
I need to get my dick wet, distractions help me think best
As a kid, I was a big pest
Annoying, and burning ants deserved to get destroyed
These aliens and droids were coming do some abducting
These cunning extraterrestrials turned to maximum decimals
Most impeccable, live amongst the vegetables
Asexual, here to heal the Devil’s wounds
Speaking so delicate, stench is that of a desolate place
Rid of these testaments, lose your life to the scent of it
End of it, jumping off the tower of Babylon
Cremate my body, dump my ashes on the gravel
There’s poison in my satchel, a bit of that razzle-dazzle
My journey is to the castle to battle with all the cattle
From the saddle of my horse tied to the tabernacle
Ripping out Adam’s apple and creation as we know it
Not a poet, I’m a motherfucking psychopath
Who takes ricin baths and wants to chop his wife in half
Woah, I maybe hit her with a Tyson jab
I’m infested with the lice and crabs
Party with the kikes and fags
Till I collapse until a pile of ash
Just an angel with a violent past
You, or me, who I’m gonna kill first
Fuck the clubs, see these drugs that’s the real thirst
I hope these pills work, hot as Demonstealer?
And watch the sinners turn to killers
Okay, my hearse is made of gold, the spirits take control
I paved the road with endangered souls
I’m tormented, my sky’s floor-scented
I’m pouring belief, ignore credit
I killed a dentist cause he said he was a doctor
Fucking dentist ain’t a doctor


SLAYER Show No Mercy

Lyrics from musicbucket SLAYER Show No Mercy Lyrics, singer by SLAYER

[Lyrics – King Music – King]

Through the night we rise in pairs
Lords at night we ride
From the depths of Hell’s domain
Reborn to reign this night
Roam throughout the endless wars
Hold high his name we must
Warriors from the gates of Hell
In Lord Satan we trust

Stalking the night can’t you feel I’m near
Watching each step that you take
I take lives and show all no mercy this night
Attack those not knowing my force ( …their fate ) [1:st 3:rd time]

Brothers of the Prince of Night
By bargains we have made
Allies with the darkened souls
Our legions we must save
Fight for our eternal quest
God can’t save you in time
Evil stalks the night with us
Your soul it shall be mine


I am the menace in your eyes
The one you can’t escape
Your life falls in my grasp
Your know your end is near
You pray your God will help
His strength no match for mine
Your last hope slips away
Thy soul begins to bleed
I tear your flesh to shreds
Burn holes throughout your mind
Your eyes now filled with blood
A victim of my force
In endless agony
You realize your defeat
Recite my Master’s chants
Your soul now his to keep


MAC MILLER The Jesuits

Lyrics from musicbucket MAC MILLER The Jesuits Lyrics, singer by MAC MILLER

[Verse 1:]
From, yeah, from, from, from, from
Right out the backyard, rhymes out the crack jarred
The facts are that Mac brought the cash for the caviar
Laugh hard staying out the way of bad karma
And black tar covered demons when they have drama
You latch onto hope, but it ain’t working out
This garden snake you knew done grew into a serpent now
And my mind is perverted, foul, wow
My time, you’ve got to earn it now
Alright, dance circles around the lava
And bitches coming over just to twerk around the casa
Yeah, lemme see that ass, bitch (haha)
Yeah, as the Virgin Mary get defloured
Arouse her, and let her put her mouth in my trousers
Woke up, made a couple million fore I showered
Spent an hour with Jack Bauer
And the kids from Rocket Power watching television
Sometimes the truth is better when it’s fiction
It’s never written, never find a bed in prison
Dealing with addictions
When I beat it then it’s switching to something else
Shit, I’m only running from myself
But, I’m running fast and I’m tired

[Verse 2: Da$h]
Fucking sleeping, man
Give me some fucking orange juice
Some peyote in that shit
My whole fucking life is a science experiment (buggin’)
Terrorist rhetoric, instead make the Devil flinch
Paint his head with gin, the roof is scabbin’
Finna peel off, sky’s teal hand rolling in…
… bit harder to look at, put a home invasion
Throw the earnings in my book-bag
Learned about that Xanax and…
Ain’t nobody really ever taught me how to cook crack, but
I got about half a rite-aid in my book-bag
Bitch, I’m always high, that’s why I look sad
Black bag full of kush, burn the same bush
Moses had a conversation with… bitch Croatian dick
We wanna train you, finna thank the bitch
The new wage, Johnny Blaze and shit
I got the homies in your neighborhood
Knocking like these niggas lost a dog
Momma looking for her boy she better call the morgue
I’m a ball hog, I tell my niggas, I ain’t finna pass it
You ain’t gonna dunk, smoking the Hawaiian skunk
Elephant tusk necklace just to provide the stunt
Wear a Waldo outfit, you were to find me once
I hit the ocean floor inside a slut
Disintegrated to the finest dust, I’m out, nigga
Like that…


SLAYER Crionics

Lyrics from musicbucket SLAYER Crionics Lyrics, singer by SLAYER

[Lyrics – Hanneman, King Music – Hanneman, King]

Eyes upon me
Watching me in my perpetual sleep
Dreams deceive me
My future depends on a mindless dream
I’ve fallen from promises
Damned to take risks on my own
The masterful science that freezes your
Mind and your soul
The wretched dream is realized
The human race is to be crystallized

Thoughts of laughter
Filling the head of the master in charge.
Worlds of wonder
Is this a cure or a painless death
I’ll fight and resist
Till they all see the end that is near
The doctors the lawers and G-men
Are living in fear
Living my life with one distant hope
A cure that will kill my invincible foe



Lyrics from musicbucket MAC MILLER 72 Lyrics, singer by MAC MILLER

[Verse 1:]
Continue to spread diseases, with my aids infested penis
Putting seeds inside of bitches, give birth to retarded fetuses
I am yet to witness success with less of a gimmick
It’s either fun, happy, festive or evil anti-religious, so
I guess I’m chilling with criminals, in a world full of cowards
I see them throwing subliminals, dissing is pitiful
My condition is critical, yeah I’m dying quickly
I’m calling out for help but everybody dying with me
I find it a pity how all of my crimes been petty
Run in your house with a semi, turn your kids to confetti
Feed the scraps to the dogs
Load up the rifle then come after the blogs
All ya’ll can suck my dick, you see
I’m after pussy, money, little serendipity
Yes, I’m dipping all my limbs in gold, bitch, I’m worth a fortune
Walking abortion, horror-core, mega-morphin’
Face disfigured, yeah my thoughts are numb
Stick out like a… sore-thumb
Not as dumb as all these people think
My mom said I need a shrink…

[Verse 2:]
Fuck everything you stand fo
I ain’t gotta be humble I’m the man ho
I’ve been getting into trouble like hopping in a car
Saw you walking out the store like Where’d my van go?
And now my show’s too good to get canceled
You a pussy, all distressed, like a damsel
Bet your brother handsome, these evil eyes were hazel
Hang him by his ankles, sit back and watch him dangle
Space boots, sipping straight goose, obliterated warfare
Catastrophic bombs, I’m giving acid to my moms
Hack into the government, computer system fill the world
With superstition, cruel intentions, welcome to a new religion
Open up your mouth and then I’m pooping in it
I lose endorsements cause I’m too sadistic
But, super-prolific, fuck her and her friends
She tell me that their cootchie itches
My dick is booty scented


SLAYER The Final Command

Lyrics from musicbucket SLAYER The Final Command Lyrics, singer by SLAYER

[Lyrics – King Music – Hanneman, King]

Screams of terror across the sea
Begging for mercy in their one final plea
Soldiers prepare to fight to the death
Fighting and killing to their very last breath
Blitzkrieg tactics of the German command
Born with the power of God in his hand
He makes his move to conquer the land
Turning all hopes of life to sand

Machine gun fire, blood level higher
Visions of torture and terror to all
Ready for battle awaiting the final command

Hiding in darkness from enemies unseen
Awaiting our victory ending his dream
Cursed are the souls who defy his will
All of which are tortured and ruthlessly killed
Blitzkrieg tactics of the German command
Born with the power of God in his hand
Shocking the world with his mass devastation
He puts all his power in the trust of one nation


At the crack of dawn they storm again
Hunting, fighting and killing all men
The end is near our time now short
Our kingdoms have fallen as a result of his sport
Blitzkrieg tactics of the German command
Born with the power of God in his hand
Withdrawn from fighting he now takes his leave
Seeking out goals that can’t be conceived




Lyrics from musicbucket MAC MILLER Bill Lyrics, singer by MAC MILLER

[Verse 1: Delusional Thomas]
And he’s still so delusional
Stooping low as burials at funerals
Fucked the fame, dropped an album
Dipped with the recoupables
My hoodie up, hide my face cause I ain’t not good enough
My bitch stay my bitch, so don’t look
She keep that pussy tucked
Now things are looking up
Recommend the mescaline digesting your intestines
With intentions of a section? up
Heavens no, my head is high cause hell is cold
The bitch I’m smashing into fashion
But I know the devil wear a leopard coat
Back when Johnny Carson was dicking down Dolly Parton
Beg your pardon this my third life
I’m parking on the turnpikes
Searching for the circus lights
These demons never worked for Christ
Ain’t fuckin with no churches, we was all about that murder life
Samurai, murk you like you sure I’m nice
Syrup turn to purple Sprite, you find that shit that we already know
Sick of politickin, as they talkin, trying not to listen

On the real young goon?
Real young goon
I’m a real young goon

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]
It’s the blackest piece of trash they done seen in a RV park
So holla at your guala if ever you feel your weed sparse, nigga
Salty tee off with us just know that T brought villain
My nigga we all itching to see you dropped
And I don’t wanna chop it up, I never front like I’m the nicest
Fame fazed him not the slightest, aim stainless touch your iris
Take paper out your pocket, just as sure as Toyo tires round
That fucking little schisty clown is back in full effect
Little teeny tiny Sweat, he biting bitches by the neck
Got my fucking dick as long as lists of shit I should regret
I’m just a little bit depressed that’s why the winter fit him best
I guess I’m biased to the cold, mix the Ritalin and sess
Because I like the highs and lows and I also like the checks
That I’m siphoning from shows, bitch and triple six the set
Run it back, tight as Corey Duffel pants
Doing niggas dirty as the motherfucking plunging cap
My main and my ex screaming like it’s a habit
I move immune in between ’em because I’m diplomatic
Catch me in your city passive, cleaning up my shitty act
And bitches say them gritty raps be making up for shit he lacking
Sixes and them kitty cats that got him missing Jerry’s Thomas
Burpin’ words that’s hotter than the pocket where he carry chronic
Very awesome so spare the comments, I’m bi-coastal
Paid and chugging forties you niggas can keep your wine toasted
No high, no moving in that fine dutty wine motion
Load and tell a cop to suck a dick with my fly open, nigga

[Verse 3: Bill]
Look, fuck these written, I don’t watch 106 and Park
I skate through the park in my 106s
Smoke blunts in the dark with some porno bitches
You just see the spark in the blunts like I’m porno flickin
Got the hormones tripping, I’m also dripping
Daily breads tatted on my chest and my torso
And it’s never gonna fade and like me eyes
So I got trip like Psilocybin, eyes wider than Ohio
I’m going global, what you ain’t a local?
Going postal if you think we won’t go through what you won’t do
Watch the throne muthafucka cause we noted you
Older school Most Dope solider I got the pro with tools
Me and Clock get it in like we supposed
Just don’t act like you know us
When you see us getting over views
You’re older news, I choose to move over you
I watch like a boat, now I’m colder than a frozen you
You don’t know where we’re going so just hold the news
I never got over fake rappers and the overview
I’m not a rapper, I’m just scolding you
So go home, we folded you
Like wallets, I’m just holding you

You can’t see me, when I’m rolling
I got that weed nigga, so I’m swerving
Niggas know me in the hood
Niggas call me Tina Turner
Roll a… and get turnt up
Nigga we burnin, bitch nigga